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Best Polyhouse Technology
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Speciality in Quality Vegetable Seeds
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Treatment and coating process
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Mayur Seeds Company produce wide range of hybrid seeds, field crop seeds and vegetable seeds.The founder of the company Lt. Seth Ramanlal Jain commenced our company Brand “Mayur ” in the year of 1965 with the production of Bhindi (okra) ,chilli seeds and Onion seeds. Today in his absence, the company is being run by his third generation as “Mayur Hybrid Seeds Pvt.Ltd.”.
His main aim of establishing a seeds company was to provide excellent quality of seeds in cheaper rates to all the farmers of India and he tried his best achieve his aim. Now also we are trying our best to achieve the same aim of our father.
Our Mission to help farmers to raise their life standards. We intend to build worth full relationship with farmers by providing wide range of our promising varieties. We believe that farming has potential to grow economies and we are trying our best to bring happiness.